Ian Cooper: 

My photography is available to view online here and on the Survey East project website.

Contact: ianharveycooper@gmail.com

Breaks features iPhone in-camera images taken during UK lockdown May 2020 on daily exercise outings.

Image processing is made visible with multiple capture, exposure and focus bands, black spaces, fragments, slices...

Landscapes made afresh but still familiar. Still natural.

Water Copy is the result of experiments with camera and lenses, movement, colour and focus. The images are a series of personal meditations on water, taken in quieter moments. 

The title comes from a track of the same name by Japanese ambient musician Hiroshi Yoshimura. It features on a playlist of similar music that has accompanied me everywhere in the last few years and is inextricably linked with these images. Water Copy can be heard on YouTube.

Escape Pattern was my first serious take on capturing the city at night, prompted by new skylines and historic changes ahead. 

In the 5 weeks leading up to the UK General Election of 2019, I took photographs on the same short walk from Leadenhall Street to Liverpool Street Station as part of my commute home from London to Essex.

Light pours out of buildings in the City of London as darkness falls...

Survey East began as a Tumblr site in 2013 and upgraded to a website in 2015 with the encouragement of a small network of supporters. The aim was to document the shifting estuary landscapes near my home by the Blackwater in Essex and on weekend travels to Suffolk. The early iPhone gave way to a starter digital camera and everything turned black and white...

The new black and white photographs were made into the photo film Blackwaterside in 2016, commissioned by Caught by the River, for a screening at Fulham Palace, London. They were subsequently featured in a booklet that formed part of the Ultramarine audio-print project Blackwaterside, produced by Random Spectacular in 2018. A few photographs are included here. For others, please visit the Survey East site.

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